Wellness through Encouragement, Compassion, Dignity, and Trust - Company Message
*NOTE: Follow Your Bliss is now offereing HIPAA Compliant Online confidential teletherapy services for sessions in the privacy of your home or office for current health concerns and convenience. 
Please feel free to enquire: (505) 306-9522

As a licensed therapist since 1997 I feel that therapy is more than just "fixing" a problem or issue, whatever it may be. It is a process of finding more joy, harmony and balance in our lives. This is the core of effective therapy and the key to well-being. To begin I meet you where you are with acceptance, genuineness, dignity and without judgment. I believe that encouragement and compassion are two of the most important gifts we can offer in life. Emotional wellness is a journey and I will use my experience to move you towards your own personal path to recovery and healing. Make no mistake, the lion's share of the work is yours. I cannot do it for you, but we can move towards better choices together.
My approach to wellness is holistic and integrative. This means that while wellness begins to happen in the therapy room, it also needs to be taken out into the world at large. Into relationships, friendships, work, recreation, spiritual life, into every aspect of your life at large. This is how balance, harmony and joy begin to develop into a life well lived. I offer an atmosphere of  complete safety, security and trust to begin to explore and express those areas that are obstacles to a more balanced and harmonious life.
- Depression
- Anxiety/Panic/PTSD
- Bipolar
- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Issues
- Addictive Behaviors
- Life Coaching  (Private Pay Only)
- Men's Issues
- Substance & AlcoholAbuse/Dependence
- Relationship Concerns
- Couple's Therapy
- Work-related Issues
- Crisis/Trauma Intervention
- Grief & Loss
- Aging Issues
- Adolescent Concerns
... and more
Medicaid & Insurance Accepted (except for Life Coaching) Please Inquire.
I have experience with individual, couples and group therapy and I  offer short term, mid range and longer term therapy to meet your needs. I also can offer referrals and resources at other facilities, organizations and programs for adjunct or complimentary services such as medication management, case management, crisis support and other services.
Peace & Joy,
Jon Rabka LPCC


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